The biggest video sharing platform which streams millions of video has a slight downside to it which is displaying ads in its videos. The question arises, why YouTube has so many ads?

YouTube has ads because the basic income of YouTube comes from these ads. YouTube provides a platform for companies of all types. Through YouTube, companies can advertise their brands, products, and even services too. YouTube gets paid by doing this and the companies get their business promoted.

All that seems so annoying for us who have to watch but if you make YouTube channel, you get paid through the very same ads.

YouTube ads are getting ridiculous

 Yeah, YouTube knows how annoying these ads are. We all are sick of YouTube ads. YouTube is testing its boundaries.

Today we have more entrepreneurs than yesterday, each passing day there is an increase in self startups by the people. The world is being saturated by entrepreneurs. 

These people want to advertise their business so the only easy option for them is to advertise online. Hence YouTube is getting more and more advertisers resulting in increased ads per videos. Thus the video content stream ads.

Ads are increasing in a ridiculous amount; by this pace, it’s a matter of years that YouTube gets ruined by ads.

How to stop YouTube ads

As we know YouTube is getting very annoying with these irritating ads. It becomes very difficult to watch videos or any informative tutorials with these ads.

Different solutions are present. Simplest one is to download the video from YouTube then watch it. Another method is using YouTube Red. It requires a membership though. It’s a good method to block youtube ads.

The best way to avoid these ads is to use ad blockers. If you have google chrome then the process is very simple. Go to extensions or simply click on Apps tab to install ad blockers. These ad blockers work on Firefox too.

The list of best YouTube ad blockers is as below.

  • AdBlocker Ultimate
  • uBlock Origin
  • R.O.B.E.R.T.
  • AdLock
  • AdBlock Plus

Types of Ads on YouTube:

There are different categories of ads offered by YouTube.

  1. Skippable video ads
  2. Non-skippable video ads 
  3. In-display ads (Video discovery ads)
  4. Overlays and banner (Nonvideo ads)

In the first kind of ad when the viewer comes across an ad, he can skip the ad after 5 seconds.

In this kind of ads, the ads play and count down starts from 5 to 1 seconds. When 5 seconds are complete then the skip button pops up and you can skip the ads that you do not want to see anymore. The type of ads is a low budget ad by the advertiser and he is paying less for this kind of ad.

The second kind of ad is non-skippable. If the advertiser is wealthy enough and he has full confidence in his business he will go for non-skippable ads. This kind of ad is very much effective for new entrepreneurs. This ad plays completely before resuming the video and the viewer is bound to watch it. 

One of the kinds of non-skippable ads is bumper ads. Which cannot be skipped but it has a short length of about 5-7 seconds. This type of ad comes in flashes and disappears. The ad format is defined by user.

In-display ads are more related to searched ones. For example, when we search something on google it displays results. The in-display or discovery ads are more like are the same. When we search for something on YouTube, the related ads are in the results of that search. This endorses that YouTube is also a search engine. 

One thing that is worth noticing that it is the google ads account that helps advertising on youtube. Google decides the companion banner for potential customers.

YouTube double ads

YouTube has started putting two ads in a row at the start of the video. This is a new strategy used by YouTube. Putting two ads at the start of the video gives a better user experience than getting interrupted two times in mid-video.

These specific ads have a name to them as well. They are called “Ad Pod”. Not every video has them. Well, it mostly depends upon the length of the video that it will contain an Ad Pod.

Petition on YouTube ads

People have got so annoyed by these ads that there exist several petitions across different petition forums which actually a lot of people are signing to get their voice heard.

Of course, it’s not going to change anything but it’s still fun.

Things to know about YouTube:

YouTube is a search engine that is used to bring ideas of different people from all over the world to one platform. This platform is publicly available for everyone. People share their ideas by creating videos. 

These videos can then be helpful for people across the world. For example, there are tutorials available for common software products. If you are a student or professional then you can benefit from these tutorials.

It’s not only helping in daily tasks but you can earn money from this platform too. In this regard, YouTube ads come into play. If you have good content for people, make a video of your idea, post it on YouTube.

When people see your content and like it you can apply for monetization of your idea. YouTube will check your content, if it’s authentic they will approve for your monetization. They will attach ads offered by advertisers to your content.

On each view, YouTube pays an average of 0.01-0.03$. Sometimes this CPV (cost per view) is higher depending upon the location of the viewer.

How does YouTube earn money from ads?

The main earning of YouTube comes from sponsored advertisements. People get sponsored by YouTube by paying them for the content or products that they want to advertise.

The content available on YouTube is free to watch. You can watch thousands of videos for free. Anyone can upload videos on YouTube. The question is how YouTube earns money if the content is freely available for everyone. The answer is, it’s not the content YouTube sells, it sells its users!

You can watch any available video for how long you want to watch. You can replay, you can add it to your watch later history, and you can download it. All this is free. YouTube sells its users for the promotions of sponsored ads.

Moreover, YouTube is not earning just from these sponsored ads, there is an advancement in this. YouTube provides membership programs to the content provider for its viewers. In this program the content provider, let’s say publishers can add a JOIN button to their channel. YouTube provides these options for some cost of money and the viewers can get benefit from the content provider in the form of discounts and deals.

Also, there are other programs that are adding money to YouTube’s gross income. For example, except for sponsored ads and membership programs, YouTube has an affiliation program too. The Affiliate program is similar to sponsored ads. YouTube gets affiliation links from other online shops and embeds into their ads. Each time the one clicks on these online shop’s links for online shopping. On each product, he/she buys YouTube gets his commission.


YouTube ads are placed for the sake of earning for both parties i.e. for YouTube and for the content provider. YouTube ads can be blocked by using ad blockers.

There are four major types of ads available for advertisers to choose for their advertisements. Each type has different rates.

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