People are so predictable when it comes to choices especially the choices which they consider have trivial importance. Same is the case when setting new passwords. We set the most common passwords for Facebook, Wifi, and whatnot.

To all those wondering what the most common passwords are? Here is the answer

The most common passwords are

Most common passwordsPopulation Using
123456 23.2 million
123456789 7.7 million
Qwerty 3.8 million
Password 3.6 million
1234567 N/A
1111113.1 million
Mot common passwords

SplashData did this research and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) did the collection of this data for most common passwords in 2019.

Yeah, you’re right people actually are that naïve.

Trends in Common passwords:

So most common passwords in the whole wide world have a simple trend that people just move their fingers across the keyboard to make a password.

 Almost all the numeric passwords are starting from 1 and go down the keyboard to whatever point seems appropriate. QWERTY is the result of the same effortlessness.

Also, there are most passwords revealed people put names, most commonly used names in passwords are Ashley, Michael, Daniel, Jessica, Charlie.

A huge population of the world is crazy for football, soccer what they call in America…..


Passwords are football teams or football player names like Chelsea, Madrid, Ronaldo, Messi, and the list goes on.

Same goes for Musicians and fictional characters. Commonly used passwords for such people will include Eminem, 50cent, Superman, Batman, Pokemon.

Many folks think this is a great idea to have them as passwords but sincerely these are the worst passwords.

Top Most Common Passwords List for Facebook, Wifi
Most common passwords

Facebook common passwords:

That list given above is valid for Facebook as well. If you’re trying to crack someone’s password then try to find out about their likes and what they hold close in life.

  • It can be their birthday.
  • It can be a pet’s name.
  • It can be a favorite ice-cream.
  •  Or It can be something as simple as “Password”.

List of common password pattern examples includes:

  1. Monkey
  2. Dragon
  3. Donald
  4. Princess
  5. Nothing
  6. Sunshine
  7. Welcome
  8. Password
  9. 999999
  10. 654321
Top Most Common Passwords
Change the password before it changes your life.

Wifi common passwords:

Often the goal of an evil mind is to crack the wifi code of his neighbor. This happens more often than you think. Now many tools have been developed that try each possible combination to get into the system.

 It may take many days for this most common password attack to break a password of medium difficulty. But if you have a password like those in the list below, you’re offering your wifi for free buddy.

Here is the  list of 25 most common WIFI passwords:

  1. iloveyou
  2. 12341234
  3. 123123123
  4. 1234512345
  5. 00000000
  6. 0000000000
  7. logmein
  8. letmein
  9. password1
  10. 77777777
  11. 88888888
  12. 66666666
  13. 55555555
  14. 99999999
  15. loversloveme
  16. hatersloveme
  17. hatershateme
  19. ###123###
  20. 1234abcd
  21. wireless
  22. google
  23. admin
  24. user
  25. public
Top Most Common Passwords List for Facebook, Wifi
Now is the time to change password.

Common Password mistakes:

Here are some tips related to common password mistakes. Also, followings show the mistakes we make which we should be avoiding to keep our data safe:

1. Using the same password everywhere:

It’s really simple and easy approach to keep all passwords the same and it makes life easier. But it’s the recipe for disaster. Once someone gets though only of your password he/she gets access to everywhere.

With different passwords, if one place is breached for example Facebook page of yours. But still, you can retrieve it via your email.

2. The similar to user name:

When it comes to making a unique password, we usually add a number in front of our user name. Who are we kidding?

This is a very common trend and these are the easiet ones to crack.

3. Sharing your password:

This seems quite dumb right. But we humans trust easily. There are levels of trust obviously but whatever that level of trust is don’t share your passwords with others.

Studies have shown that about half of the people in America share their passwords with their wives. Password is just for your own eyes, the more people know it the more chances are there for it to leak.

4. Using other’s device to log on:

Some people open their accounts on some other people’s devices. You are putting yourself in harm’s way by doing this. Passwords often get stored in there or that person may have a keylogging tool that records every key you press. You’re doomed right.

5. Using passwords that are too short:

The length of the password is directly proportional to the security it provides. Smaller passwords are just a piece of cake for most cracking programs.

It’s not just the length, it’s the randomness and the use of numbers and special characters that make a password more secure.

Common phone patterns
Common Phone patterns

Common Phone patterns:

Some people prefer to use the pattern option as the primary phone unlock method. With the advent of finger pattern and iris recognition, pattern unlock method has lost its first place but, it’s still the secondary method and Pattern unlock is still trending as a major phone access method with limited security promised. It is easier to guess a pattern than a password.

The most common Phone patterns start from the left top node of the screen, about 44 percent. Similarly, about 77 percent start from one of any four corners. The average number of nodes in a password is 5. Also, the pattern moves from left to right and top to bottom.

All these findings were brought forward by Marte Loge who is a graduate of Norwegian University of science and technology.

The probability of possible pattern with the number of increasing nodes increases significantly.

Number of NodesPossible combinations

So many patterns yet people usually land for an easy to remember one. Most common shapes drawn on the screen are a tick or a cross or any of the 26 alphabets which will most probably be the starting letter of a person’s name.

Also, the following factors can make your pattern easy to crack

  • If the pattern is visible in its making, many people close to you will easily know it.
  • Some people can just tilt the screen of your phone to see what pattern has been used by simply looking on the android mobile surface.
  • Most of the people opt for a simple pattern that they have seen someone use before. This can help people to get into your phone

Research has shown that men have more complex android lock patterns as compared to women. It’s difficult to crack a pattern lock of men than women.

Just to summarize the whole discussion. We think our password is strong enough but the thing is most people are also using as well. So uniqueness added with some extra special characters sounds like a perfect recipe for a strong password.

Save yourself from getting hacked by following these simple rules

  • Use a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters.
  • Don’t log in on other people’s devices.
  • Check your password against the list of easily crackable passwords.
  • Use different passwords for different platforms.
  • Don’t go for something that is somewhat similar to your username.
  • Never share your password with any friend or relative. For some reason, if you have to then make sure you change it afterward.

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