IoT also known as ‘INTERNET OF THINGS ‘is one of the latest technology. It is an era of internet and digitization. All of us use the internet either on our mobiles or the other devices it would not be wrong to say that we cannot enjoy the blessings of technology without the internet. There are a lot of applications that have been extensively in use and all of them are based on the internet of things.

IT experts and the technology experts around the world have claimed that millions and billions of devices and gadgets are connected to make IoT available everywhere around the globe and no doubt it is one of the most dominated technology these days. Irrespective of the enormity of IoT there are a lot of questions that are there that how IoT will help the industries and organizations to give their best outcomes by using this latest technology. Customers around the world are consuming IoT but this does not portray the actual prospects of IoT for the organizations.

There are the top five areas where companies wish to implement and want to relish the ultimate benefits of IoT.

IoT is playing an important role in almost every field, health trackers and the utilization of the smart thermostats involves the connection of a lot of devices.

However if the organizations and different industries implement the use of IoT, it will enhance the customers trust, improvised the effectiveness and can also enhance the competitive advantages in every field as well.

IoT as a fundamental industrial approach

1.Energy Augmentation and Enhanced Sustainability. 

Sustainable systems play a key role in the success and growth of any is the need of an hour to make our organizations more environmental friendly and sustainable. IoT has nailed this need and now by incorporating IoT into the systems you can easily follow the latest trend followed by the world-famous industries.

By using this modern technology now you can easily adjust the temperature and light of any particular are by using the occupancy sensors purely based on this technology. This will help us in making the environment better and more sustainable than before. 

 2. More Security and Better Environment       

With the help of IoT that is particularly for industry you have now a better choice of security and now you have more protection for the infrastructure of the buildings.

The facilities you enjoy in your hotel rooms such as automated water and electricity systems are all the blessings of the IoT. Now you can easily have the idea what is to be maintained and at what interval.

3. Admirable Customer’s Satisfaction

Making organizations customer-centric is one of the most important requirements in the development growth and success of any business. Customers must be valued so that the organization can be successful.

If the customer is ignored and they are not provided with the best of quality than the business will be limited and cannot be enhanced. Biometric verification withers through fingerprint sensors, face recognition, or iris identification will help you a lot.

These sensors will help you in the determination of the nature of customers that either what in what kind of products and services they are interested in. You can use industrial IoT for this purpose that will not only enhance the customer’s trust in your services but with this technology, you can also outgrow your business as well.

4. Easy Identification of Clients Attitude and Behaviors

Organizational IoT have enabled most of the people to have an easy data analytics approach and also aid us a lot to have more and more environmental friendly ads events and various other promotional packages can be achieved.

IoT has enabled the industries to make their systems and upgraded according to the need of time. With the help of this technology no matter wherever you are in the globe you can easily find out which consumer at what time has clicked and visited your website and the concerned product.

With big data analytics now you can easily approach the client and can also approach them with some basic discount to enhance the sales and no of clients. With the help of customer fingerprinting now, it is not difficult to have any kind of related data.

5. Easy Tracking Of Assets and Catalogues

IoT has made it possible that now we can easily track the required assets and the related catalogs in various fields such as medical , transportation , hotels, and much more. Nowadays it is not difficult to find out the location of product’s that where they actually exist and even at what number.



6 basic techniques to use IoT

1. Don’t Always Try To Follow the Latest Technology Tre

Implementation and execution of IoT in the industries don’t always use the latest technology trends that are not only difficult to operate but also not cost-friendly.

The best thing about IoT is that you can use it with the old technology that you are already using in you organization rather than to make a new investment in the latest technology.

By using the previously used technologies you can make your enterprise cost-effective and environment friendly.

2. Take An Easy And Small Start Than Rank It.

It is a common belief system that execution of IoT is quite complex and not so easy. This is not a good concept and there is a doubt in the validation of this concept.

Although its bit difficult but if you are interested you can also use a pocket-friendly infrastructure for the implementation of this technology.

Always stay limited in the start and make sure that at the beginning you have a limited portfolio but you must not ignore the potential to make it bigger with the passage of time.

3. Try to Use Smart Approach Rather Than Dumb

Always try to adopt the system and follow the strategies that are effective in all possible ways rather than the ones which are not only difficult but besides this complex as well.

Try to make your system-friendly not only in terms of investment but also try to follow the ways that will give maximum benefit. One of the common examples to explain it is that why to struggle for that fruit that is hanging on the topmost branch and you even have the choice to get the one that is in your access on the lowest branch.

Try to adopt the smart approaches for your system. If you have the choice to make data analytics easier and to serve your customers with the latest and smart technologies always try to focus on those easy methods.

4. Cost Effective Systems

Industries always try to adopt the system that is cost-effective in nature and that can give the best possible outcomes in every way.

IoT is although expensive and costliest in terms of security but however companies can reduce the cost by following some of the techniques such as they can reduce the power consumed by the system.

One of the best way to reduce the entire cost is by means of low power wide area network approach. By utilizing a private network instead of using the cellular network approach can also have the ability to reduce the price and can make it more cost-effective.

5. Cost and Security Must Be Balanced

One of the biggest concerns for various industries ad organization is safety and protection whenever they have thought about the implementation of IoT in their setups.

It is true some extent because security is one of the most expensive things without which organizations cannot move on. Security and privacy of data cost too much in the implementation of this technology. Open sources of internet are not good because there is always a threat associated with these open sources.

Open sources are although cheap and not much costly but the risks associated with these sources cannot be ignored. But this is also a fact that organizations mostly give preferences to the security instead of cost because if the data is not secure industry will have to face serious losses in the longer run.

6.Iot Investment

One of the best thing about the implementation of IoT is that if someone put investment in this he will never face any loss because later on this investment will be so fruitful. No matter what amount you actually put in investment in IoT it will give you much better outcomes.

IoT has the capability to enhance the productivity of certain business processes and many other business operations. For example with the help of this latest technology lights are automatically turned off when they are not in use. All the systems become self-automated. There are certain things that must be kept in mind about its maintenance else you would have to suffer a lot because of repeated repair cycles.

It is a marketing-friendly technology and can help you in increasing the sales and hence the revenue will also increase.

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