Pakistan is a responsible country which was transformed into a strategically mature regional power by building an atomic bomb and achieving the status of nuclear power. It can be easily understood why Pakistan needed atomic bomb for security. Pakistan is a neighbor to India which is ruled by extremist Hindus. They have been against the ideology of Pakistan ever since we became an independent country. It is clear as crystal how India occupied Kashmir while ruthlessly killing millions of children, women and men alike all for committing the crime of having Muslim blood running through their veins.

Pakistan nuclear program history timeline involves separation of East Pakistan due to the de stabilizing activities of India was a major turnaround. India is still protecting and funding the terrorist activities through their agents in Pakistan. In 1998 India tested their nuclear bomb which was ultimately a threat to Pakistan. Therefore it was very important at this point to counterpart India so, Pakistan tested their nuclear bomb on 28th May 1998. This day is celebrated annually in Pakistan

Achieving the nuclear power status was very important in boosting up Pakistani defense against any territorial attack. Pakistan’s nuclear tests made it clear to the world that when it comes to national honor and survival, Pakistan will always maintain a balance of power against its adversaries. India’s atomic tests, its race towards achieving weapon of mass destruction and their intent to subdue Pakistan with their “Superior Arms” were the reason why Pakistan had to arm their defense with this destructive weapon. After India it was compulsory for Pakistan to balance the power in this region.

South Asian strategic dynamics were changed forever with the advent of nuclear weapons. Pakistan is a peace loving nation and has always asked India to reduce the weapons of mass destruction. But, being the extremist country that it is, India kept on going with its plans to subdue Pakistan and this makes it clear as day as to why India is to blame for triggering and aggravating the nuclear arms race in the region

Pakistan has no offensive strategic approach or aggressive hegemonic design rather, its nuclear capability is purely defensive. A nuclear conscious Pakistan has a strong understanding of the sensitivities involved in military adventurism. Pakistan has always promoted the peaceful uses of atomic energy like power generation, medicine, agriculture, and many more.

Pakistani nuclear test location

 After the hard work of Pakistani engineers and scientist lead by Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan Pakistan is able to perform the nuclear test. 28 may 1998 the atomic bomb test was performed at ras koh hills in chagai Baluchistan. It was the first public atomic bomb tests of Pakistan. Number of atomic bomb test are 5 at that time under the code name of chaghi-1.

Nuclear program test 28 may 1998

Pakistani nuclear power ranking

Pakistan is world 6th atomic power country in the world. There are five countries that are considered nuclear weapon states under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Pakistan, India and North Korea were not a part of NPT but conducted their own tests.

The ranking of the stocks of all the Nuclear states based on the rough estimate of their war heads is as below

No.CountriesNumber of warheadsDeployed
2United States61851750
5United Kingdom200120
9North Korea20-30

Pakistani atomic bombs

These are the major Pakistani nuclear weaponsthe short-range

  • Abdali (Hatf-2)
  • Ghaznavi (Hatf-3)
  • Shaheen-1 (Hatf-4)
  • NASR (Hatf-9)
  • the medium-range Ghauri (Hatf-5)
  • Shaheen-2 (Hatf-6)

Pakistan has also Air-to-air missiles, surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, sea-to-surface missiles, air-to-surface missiles all these missiles have the capability to take the nuclear bomb with them Infect Pakistan have almost every type of missile which can carry atomic warheads.

India Pakistan atomic weapon comparison

Pakistan and India have missile which have capability to carry nuclear warheads India has nine types of operational missiles, including the Agni-3 with a range of 3,000km to 5,000km, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington.

Brief comparison of India and Pakistan nuclear missiles

Pakistan missile nameRange (km)India missile nameRange (km)

Pakistani atomic bomb capacity

According to CSIS Pakistan has missile system that is consist of short-range long-range missiles that can hit any target in India. The longest-range missile is shaheen 2 ranges up to 2000km. In 2011, Pakistan tactical nuclear weapon capability in its arsenal, Pakistan had short-range missile (50-100 km) that can be very useful against India tactical war. Pakistan lowers the threshold of its nuclear weapons giving Pakistan army full spectrum deterrence against India conventional attack.   Pakistani weapons are developed to counter the cold war or invasion of India in their territory. Pakistan is seventh country that can produce and develop the atomic warheads. Pakistan has 140-150 atomic warheads as compared to India has 130-140.

Pakistani atomic bomb quantity

Pakistan has 140-150 nuclear warheads in its central storage. The arsenal storage is expected to grow because Pakistan has developed a new launch system such as submarine-launched ballistic missiles that help to grow Pakistan numbers of warheads.

 Pakistan has built 24-48 HEU-based nuclear warheads and has produced 585-800 kg of HEU, enough for 30-55 weapons according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) 

World reaction to Pakistan nuclear test

After the India nuclear test there is mild reaction from the world but after the Pakistan nuclear test America, Germany, japan and Canada are willing to take actions against Pakistan. After Pakistani nuclear test America has imposed several sanctions and cut the Pakistani aid as they think Pakistan is in pursuit of nuclear warheads.

Japan is one of the bigger donors of Pakistan. Japan also stops its aid to Pakistan after the nuclear test. Japan step to freeze Pakistani aid is a serious threat to Pakistani economy because japan provide 42 million aid and 235 million as a loan last year. Japan also halts the next year loans and aid.

Germen government cancels a 45 million dollar aid they are discussing with Pakistani government officials. According to germen government they put hold on Pakistan further measure will also be taken.

Australia also withdraws their offer of doubling the preexisting 1.5 million aids to Islamabad.

France, Britain and NATO also condemn Pakistan on performing their atomic tests.

Pakistani stance on nuclear test

There was a lot more foreign pressure on Pakistan a lot more than anyone can is all about not to perform these atomic tests. When it comes to national security and the integrity of the nation Pakistan did not take a step back. As it is stated in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif speech we level the score with India and perform the 5 nuclear tests

Pakistan nuclear program is not for the pursuit of nuclear warheads its only objective is the safety of the whole Pakistani nation from its arch rival India. There are no documents or law that can stop Pakistan from 1st to use nuclear war head as it is cleared in President Pervez Musharraf’s statements in May, 2002. Pakistan did not want any conflict with India but if it comes to nuclear war we respond with full. This shows that If India attack Pakistan then Pakistan might respond them with a nuclear attack

Performing the test and attaining nuclear power was very essential for Pakistan because it’s arch rival India as atomic power. India is always a supporter of terrorist attacks in Pakistan and they will not hesitate to declare atomic war on Pakistan. Pakistan replies to India in such a way that it shocks the whole world. Pakistan may face some concrescences of the atomic tests but if we see in the long term it helps Pakistan. Now Pakistan has its own integrity and safety and no enemy country can think to harm Pakistan. It also gave more power and strategy to the world best and strongest army. Pakistani message is very clear that we have to keep our nation and country safe and the world should recognize our positive intentions.

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