PUBG is a word that is well known by all of us most particularly by the ones who have an interest in games. But have you ever wonder that the word that is on our tongue all around the day what does it actually stands for?

PUBG is an abbreviation for Player Unknown’s Battleground. A multiplayer royal game played by players on a console or on a mobile phone. PUBG is a video game that is famous all around the world. But any entertainment factor whatever even it is likes and favored by the majority does not always mean that its every aspect is good. In the recent years, PUBG got world-famous and it is played by millions and billions of people.

PUBG is shattering the lives of a lot of people it’s just like an addiction that once you get addicted for playing this video game you cannot stop yourself furthermore. PUBG is the most-watched game, particularly on Twitch. There is no age and defined category of people that can play PUBG everyone including, youngsters, celebrities, school goings, and all the people love to play this royale game.

In this decade if you are not updated enough about this game than your existence on planet earth is might be doubtful ha-ha.

How PUBG works?

PUBG is an online played game that is either played by multiplayer or individual players that are usually interested in solo playing. This is usually played with the boundaries or the enclosed place and it is totally based on a royale format mostly hundred players are dropped in the space.

The players are usually in the hunt of weapons and Other essential supplies such as medicines and the one who left at the end are served with a special chicken dinner and the winner team or the player who wins at the end usually enjoy this dinner but have you ever wonder that for what you are addicting yourself too much is affecting your real life a lot.

Influence on Lives

Stay tuned with the article below to study how the PUBG is affecting you in your real life.

PUBG game is affecting each and every aspect of life and it has both the pros and cons but which side is affecting you more is more important to read about. PUBG is affecting our health, our education, and almost each and every aspect of our life is under the influence of the game that is played too much these days.

 There are different concepts about gaming, all kinds of games are most scowled by the parents because for parents study and education is the only key to success and they usually resist their children or young ones to don’t play the games as they are just a wastage of time and other resources. But according to research and the professional’s games are the means by which minds get open and players usually have some good dimensions to life.

According to education experts they are of the view that these games behave as the true brain corruptors. Mental health professionals claim that these games are the reasons that why youngsters are getting violent and more aggressive in their daily lives. Violent behavior and anti-social behaviors’ are the Key elements that are the hallmarks of PUBG.

Everything that is excessive ant not in moderation is harmful so is the case with PUBG game. PUBG game is now called to be a super games by the people who have addiction with this video game.

Advantages of PubG

Scientist and researchers have a clear view that video games have a lot of benefits one of the most commonly known benefit of play PUBG is that it makes people more active. Video games alter the brain of a person and also change the thinking pattern of the players. Just like brain is affected by listening music or by playing piano same is the case with the video games that they change the physiological structure of the nervous system or the brain.

For instance exercise, meditation, and yoga usually made you more active and smart same is the case with PUBG and other online video games because the urge to get reward and to get success helps in the release of dopamine which promotes positivity in the brain and hence your brain works more actively and effectively.

1. Better coordination

 PUBG is just like a shooting game the player or the character usually has to run and shoot simultaneously. Just like the real world players the character has to be very active and the positions must be tracked.

The character must be very concentrated from shooting the gun to maintaining the speed if the gun is fired wrong or how the gun is to be fired how to defeat the enemy and how to safe his own self all the factors are considered and needs great attention and concern.

All the factors are important and must be taken consideration and coordination is mandatory because the movement and handling of fingers need much better concentration and this is all done by signaling through the brain. Eyes and hand coordination and the visual attention is important in playing PUBG.

2. Video Games Prevent You From Getting Anti-Social.

One of the most common myth about the video games player is that they are anti-social and this antisocial behavior dominates with the passage of time and these games are considered to be the triggering factors behind the awkward social attitude.

However, PUBG is considered to be one of those games during playing this games all the persons get into communication with each other and those who usually don’t have the courage to speak in front of world can speak with confidence while playing this game. PUBG makes you to have a better connection with the friends.


PUBG is known to be one of those video games that also increase you responses and helps you to respond faster than before. PUBG makes you in better performance and you usually show a quick behavior and it also enhances your thinking capability.

4. Improved Concentration

 While playing PUBG you must have to show keen concentration because it’s a win lose strategy you either win the game by following the rules and by keeping an key on everything or else you lose even if you lose the concentration for even a single moment.

This game is one of the best platform to enhance the ways that how you stay concentrated and while playing this game all the negative thoughts go away and you can easily get rid from all the serious dilemmas of life at least for some time.

Side effects of PubG

Many video games are usually blamed for causing the violence. Same is usually told about the PUBG. Children who usually have more interest in the games usually become violent, more aggressive, and also show insane behaviors in daily life.

1. Mental health disorders

It is a common complaint that people who usually get addicted to PUBG have to face mental disorders later on because it affects the nervous system in a bad way. Stress and anxiety are also enhanced by the addiction of the video games.


2. Prone to addiction

Addiction of any thing is very bad. PUBG is just like a negative addiction it affects you very badly. Addiction usually takes a form of social phobia it prevails for quite longer time period. When you get indulges in just playing video games you usually become isolate and always try to stay alone in the room.

While playing PUBG and getting addicted for this have a negative interaction with all the other life activities such as playing reading and most importantly studies. No doubt it’s quite interesting but it also complex a highly competitive of the most common drawback of playing PUBG is that people usually perform suicide in its addiction and they usually don’t have an idea that it’s just a game not a matter of life and death.


Recently Pakistan has banned PUBG due to its drastic consequences including suicidal cases. It is affecting the human both physically and psychologically however this is a temporary ban by PTA however final decision is still under process.

It is also banned in

  •         Iraq
  •         Jordan
  •         Nepal

An end note…

Just like people around the globe are playing I also started playing this game but just after few days I came across a lot of facts that didn’t go in the favor of playing PUBG. This video is an addiction and addictions are not good in any way.

PUBG effects your sleep cycle badly and also you don’t even care about the time. It’s a wastage of time and you get so irresponsible for other life chores. You just not only spent time in playing PUBG but also you got much interested in the streaming on the television and on social media such as you tube.

This game usually affects your vision and can also cause eye flickering as well as soon as this game is not and addictions it good but if it started affected your daily life nothing is as bad as PUBG. So moderation in every aspect of life is important so play but don’t neglect your moral value and life just for the sake of playing this video game.

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